Mad Artwork


 Mad Artwork is a rock band based in Uppsala, Sweden.

“I Still Breathe is a gargantuan debut from a band that is sure to make a big splash on the heavy rock & prog scene. Make sure you don’t miss this one” Sea Of Tranquility

“When the metal onslaught gets interspersed with idyllic penny whistle, the effect is truly amazing” Let It Rock

“Every song is a journey with many winding roads and hills to climb.”Metal Temple

Just as life is full of contrasts, Mad Artwork’s music revolves around the presence of opposites – black & white, soft & hard, life & death.

Since the beginning of 2006 Mad Artwork has become one of the most appreciated underground bands in Sweden. They have toured Sweden and Europe several times through the years and received praising reviews from all over the world for their debut album ‘I Still Breathe’, as well as their captivating live performances.

Mad Artwork is a band that conquers every stage, every venue and wins new fans everywhere, no matter the audience. They are such a heavy live act that we promise you that they will make your crowd go mad. MKP’s goal is to take Mad Artwork from an extraordinary underground band to a household name among established, hard rockin’ bands.

“We always strive to explore new places and angles in music. Of course you can hear the heritage left by our great heroes, such as Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, yet our aim is to never get stuck in a tradition or to let any ”rules” outline our music. The result is a musical sanctuary where we can make our own unique mix of heavy riffs, beautiful melodies and mad whims.” – Mad Artwork

Line up:
Andreas Berglund – drums
Daniel Dluzewski – bass
Gabbi Dluzewski – guitar
Simon Forsberg – acoustic instruments
Terese Tezzi Persson – vocals

2014 – I Still Breathe











Mad Artwork